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Admission Fee & Annual Subscription

 The Admission fee/subscription shall be refunded to the applicant, if his application is rejected. If after acceptance of the application, the applicant does not want to become a member, his admission fee/subscription shall be forfeited to the Chamber and shall not be refunded to him/them. The Fee should be submitted either in the form of Demand Draft / Crossed Cheques favouring The Vehari Chamber of Commerce & Industry or in the form of Cash despot at Chamber Secretariat . The Membership Fee for each class is as under:

Membership Class                Admission Fee              Annual Subscription                  Total

Corporate                                      Rs. 2,000/-                          Rs. 6,000/-                                  Rs. 8,000/-

Associate                                       Rs. 1,000/-                          Rs. 4,000/-                                  Rs. 5,000/-