Vehari Chamber of Commerce & Industry (VCCI) attests/verifies following categories of business related documents submitted by its active members:

  1. Certificates of Origin of exporters.
  2. Airport Entry Visa documents.
  3. Documents for registration of a business firm in foreign countries.

1. Certificate of Origin

Further clarified at the services section

2. Airport Entry

Pakistan has allowed airport entry to the nationals of 69 countries which mean that nationals of such countries can get visa on arrival of a Pakistani airport. Following are the documentary requirements for attestation of airport entry requests:

  • Letter on Company letterhead addressed to the Deputy Director Immigration for grant of airport entry visa with the signature of proprietor/authorized representative of the concerned company.
  • Passport copy of arriving person.
  • Copies of correspondence between Active Member and foreign party. 

3. Registration in Foreign Country

Any Pakistani business organization can get itself registered in any foreign country for business purpose on fulfilling the criteria of host foreign country.