A Certificate of Origin is a document used in international trade. It is a printed form, completed by the exporter or its agent and certified by an issuing body, attesting that the goods in a particular export shipment have been wholly produced, manufactured or processed in a particular country. All legal exporters are required to fill up the Certificate of Origin form containing following information:

  1. Exporter’s name, address and country
  2. Consignee/Importer’s name, address and country
  3. Exporter’s membership number
  4. Particulars of transport
  5. Number & kinds of packages, quantity, description of goods and gross weight or other quantity.

Any other required information. All exporters who export their products/services through legal channels are required to get attested their Certificates of Origin from a Chamber of Commerce & Industry of their respective area. The form of the Certificate of Origin is given below.       Download Certificate of Origin