The Vehari Chamber of Commerce and Industry is one of premier Chamber  representing the economic activities by virtue of its location in Industrial and Commercial Centre of the Southern Punjab and is affiliated with the Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI). Its jurisdiction as defined by the Ministry of Commerce covers Vehari District and currently it has members from both Manufacturers and Traders. There is currently no Town Association or Trade Group in its jurisdiction.


The 21 members of the Executive Committee of the chamber controls the functioning of the Chamber who are elected every year out of which 1/2 retire every year and new members are elected in their place. The President and Senior Vice President are elected every year by the Executive Committee.

Sub Committees:

The Executive Committee every year formed Sub Committees on various subjects relating to Trade and Industry. The Sub Committees formulate their recommendations for consideration and approval of the Executive Committee. Every year comprehensive memorandum and policy proposals are sent to the Government.

The Chamber believes that country cannot achieve major break through in socio-economic development without social infrastructure. The chamber has formed “Welfare Committee” for this purpose and has granted stipends in the education field to brilliant and deserving students.

Representation on Advisory Committees:

The Chamber has representation on the various Advisory Committees/Boards at Government level.


In order to perform its functions and to provide services to its members it has a Secretariat which is headed by the Secretary.

General Body:

The General Body meets once every year compulsorily and adopts , Annual Report of the outgoing Executive Committee as well as Audit Balance Statement of Accounts. The Extra Ordinary meeting of the Chamber could also be convened as and when deemed necessary.