Step No.1.

Obtain Membership Form from VCCI Secretariat or download from  here.

You can also download Urdu Instructions from here.


Step No.2.

Fill in the form and submit to VCCI Secretariat along with Annual Membership Subscription and all necessary documents as per instructions attached with the Membership Form.


Step No.3.

Collect the Membership Certificate from VCCI Secretariat after approval of membership by the Executive Committee.



i. Membership Applications are processed for Certificate after approval by the Executive Committee, meetings of which are normally held at the end of every month.

ii. In case of URGENT Memberships, applications are processed within 2 days charging URGENT FEE.

iii. Membership Applications must be proposed and seconded by valid members of VCCI.

iv. Membership should be renewed on or before March 31 every year. In case of non-compliance the application will be considered as new membership.