Q1. What is Chamber of Commerce & Industry?

chamber of commerce and industry is a form of business network, whose goal is to further the interests of businesses. Business owners in towns and cities form these local societies to advocate on behalf of the business community. Local businesses are members, and they elect a board of directors or executive council to set policy for the chamber. The board or council then hires a President, CEO or Executive Director, plus staffing appropriate to size, to run the organization.

A chamber of commerce is a voluntary association of business firms belonging to different trades and industries. They serve as spokespeople and representatives of business community.

Q2. How can I become a member? 

Answer: Just download the membership form from our website. And Follow the instructions or visit our membership department in person.

Q3. Can women become members of VCCI? 

Answer: Yes, we especially encourage women to join the chamber and enjoy the available facilities.

Q4. What are your products, services, and initiatives? 

Answer: Member Services• Certificate of Origin• Attestations• Membership• Visa Recommendations• Trade & Business Development. Trade Delegations. Fair & Exhibition.

Q5. Do you have R & D? 

Answer: Yes, we have a complete business research center. Our R & D can assist you in searching appropriate markets for your product, product development, searching buyers, vendors, manufacturers and can also advise you if you are starting a new business.

Q6. What are your office timings? 

Answer: Regular office timings are 9:30AM to 5:00PM (Monday through Saturday) Friday – 9:00AM to 03:30PM

Q7. Can I call a meeting if I am your member? 

Answer: Yes, you can call a meeting by putting your necessary concern on paper and forwarding it to Secretary General VCCI.

Q8. What are your land line numbers? 

Answer: Tel: +92-6733-66464 Fax: +92-6733-66565

Q9. Can students attend your meetings? 

Answer: Yes, we encourage students to attend all our standing committee meetings and provide us their feedback.

Q10. I have a complaint 

Answer: In case of any complaint you may contact with Secretary General with your written complain.

Q11. How can I meet the President KCCI? 

Answer: Just call to VCCI Office, get the appointment and visit our office.